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New Year's resolutions are great. The problem with resolutions is that a lot of people don't keep keep their resolutions. However, on the other side of the resolutions dilemma, I also found some info that says people who explicitly state their resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than those who don't state their resolutions/don't have resolutions at all. Take that neigh-sayers. 

In fact, 46% of people keep their resolutions for at least 26 weeks, way more than we might have guessed (according to we'll believe them for the time being). To complete a goal, you first have to have to make a goal, so make a resolution, tell a friend, tell me (write it in my comments section, private message me, whatever-I'm more than willing to be your coach!), or write it down because once another person knows the goal or you've committed to it in writing, you're more likely to commit-thanks Weight Watchers for that bit of advice. 

So goals: I've found that, for me, the best way to make goals is to find a really big goal, such as a half marathon, getting a degree, losing weight, etc., then make tiny goals in-between. For me, the most important part to reaching my goals is making sure that the bar isn't set to an unreachable height. I do NOT run everyday. Please, I highly recommend that others don't set themselves up for failure by saying it's a failure if you don't run everyday. Bodies need rest and I've found that building in breaks allows me to reflect on the progress I've made and recharge for a better run later. There are some highly respected, in-shape, lovelies that don't need rest but for your average Joe or Julie, such as myself, rest is part of the plan.

If you plan to be a marathon runner. Start with a 5K, train for a couple months then run it. If that works and you still like running, try a half marathon after several months of training. I highly suggest the Hal Higdon training plans ( I trained for 5 months for my marathon and everyday was a struggle where I had to tell myself that I would reap the benefits at the end. I started right after a half marathon, so I was still in shape to start my training which also makes a big difference, if you're not currently a high mileage runner and you have a goal to run a marathon-training would probably take about a year or so.

This was my marathon training plan. 

If you want to lose weight, set a health goal and make it realistic. I learned that the slower the weight comes off, the more likely you are to keep up with your good health goals. Weight Watchers says that a healthy amount of weight to lose per week is about 1-2 pounds and any loss is a good loss. I had several weeks where I lost .2 pounds and those weeks are celebrated the same as a 4 pound loss. So if you want to lose 30 pounds, give yourself at least 30 weeks to do it. Nothing feels worse than the feeling of failure, so setup yourself up for success. Make obtainable goals- this week I'll walk the dog the long way once. Then next week, if you think you're ready for it, set your goal for 2 long walks. If tell yourself you're going to do it everyday, that gives you 7 days where you have to be perfect, but if you say you're going to do it once, you can knock that out on Monday and feel like a champion the rest of the week. And champions, sometimes, repeat their successes on Wednesday or Thursday just to prove that they can. Take that too, bitchy friendenemy who chuckled at the Christmas party when you told them you'd like to get in shape.

My resolution this year has nothing to do with running. I think I'm finally to the point that I trust myself enough to believe that I'll keep running into the new year. I've been running for 1.5 years so it's about damn time. I also made myself run 5 miles on NYE, because lord knows 2 years ago I would have skipped the NYE for the new year, new me New Year's day fix-it-all resolution. So my resolution for 2015 is to spend more time with friends and family. I'm a type A go-getter and I've spent the last 7+ years pursuing degrees, careers, and improving me- it's time I start to enjoy myself with the ones I love. Good luck with all of your resolutions and please feel free to use me as the person that you tell your resolution to help you keep it going.

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