Sunday, June 21, 2015

10 Reasons Why Running is the Perfect Introvert Sport

Introverts aren't necessarily ant-social, we just recharge by being alone. We love all our friends and family but we just have to be by ourselves, sometimes. Running gives us a reason to be alone that doesn't make us feel like complete jerks.

1. Crazy Eating Habits 

No one wants to eat with us. Our crazy fueling habits disgust the average human being. We'll also probably try to steal anything that looks like it's yummy and full of carbs off your plate.

2. Long Runs

Nothing says alone time like: "Hey, I'm going to run 20 miles. See you in 4 hours!"

3. Snot Rockets & Spit

No one wants to be close to us when we're spewing bodily fluids. We're probably covered in sweat, blood, tears, mud, shit, and snot. You definitely want to stay out of our personal bubble.

4. Slow Running

We don't want to hold you back. "O honey, you don't want to run with me. I'm a slow runner, go ahead..."

5. Shoe Shopping
We're going to spend a good 200-300 miles with these bad boys. You don't want to go shoe shopping with us, it's going to take a while.

6. Prep time
I'm sorry I can't go out today, I have a long run tomorrow.

7. Recovery time

I'm sorry I can't go out today, I had a long run yesterday.

8. Less Small Talk

Introverts are notoriously bad at small talk. When we're running it's socially acceptable for us to only say the important stuff.

9. Smelliness 

My mom once looked at me after a race and said, "All runners have a smell, yuck." I proceeded to ask her if I smell and she said, "O no honey, not you." Yea right! After a run, I smell like a bag of shit wrapped in onions. Nothing says don't talk to me like smelly pit-sweat that reaches your waist and stains from substances we'd rather not know the origin of.

10. Races

But ultimately, we do actually want to be around people. We're just not that good at it. Races give us a way to be surrounded by people without the expectations of small talk and constant conversation. We get to be with others, while also having an excuse to move along or stay behind.

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  1. Love this! Excited to follow your journey in RVA!